Garfield School District RE-2 has an opening for a substitute bus driver. 


General Description: SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS

 All school bus drivers shall be properly licensed and qualified as prescribed by law.  Bus drivers are under the direct supervision of the Director of Transportation and shall adhere to the regulations set forth by the Board of Education.


Drivers shall make regular daily inspections of their bus and report any mechanical or personal difficulties.  Drivers are responsible for operating the bus in a safe and sane manner at all times and  enforcing the rules of conduct as outlined in the state laws for school buses and bus drivers.



A bus driver is under the direction of and reports to the Director of Transportation and is responsible for driving a school bus over an assigned route, abiding by all rules and regulations set forth by the federal government, state, and district.   DUTIES:  (Only representative duties are described. Additional related details and miscellaneous duties will be required in the performance of this job.)

1. Responsible for driving a school bus over a route as directed.

2. Responsible for insuring that all equipment, instruments, and safety devices 

meet requirements and are operating properly before and after driving duty.

3. Must use discretion at all times as to speed, taking into consideration the type of 

roads, weather conditions, traffic, and choice of gears to allow bus to operate 

safely and efficiently.

 4. Must be constantly alert for the unexpected and maintain complete control of the 

vehicle at all times in order to avoid accidents.

5. Responsible for reporting all accidents, incidents, or possible hazards to 

the transportation director in a timely manner.

6. When necessary, as determined by the Director of Transportation or his/her 

designee, drivers will be assigned to drive at night, on weekends, or during the 

day on special trips.

7. Must be capable of installing chains. 

8. Must be capable of maintaining proper student control at all times.

9. Immediately report all emergencies, breakdowns, or delays to the terminal.

10. Will report any necessary repair or problems with the bus.

11. Responsible for reporting any damage and vandalism to the vehicle, gathering 

all information possible.

12. Must prepare and submit all necessary records and reports.

13. Responsible for the cleanliness of his/her bus, see cleaning requirements.

14. Must maintain adequate fluid levels, i.e.,radiator fluid, engine oil, and fuel.

15. Must possess and carry a reliable working timepiece.

16. Must report to work on time.

17. Will perform work of an equal or lesser skill when required.

18. Must be able to perform emergency evacuation of students.



A bus driver needs to maintain and carry three different licenses and certificates:

1. A Colorado Commercial Driver's License with B P 2 S endorsement.

Expires after four years

2. Valid Red Cross Standard First Aid Certificate and Adult CPR  (Adult CPR not 

required by CDE)

Expires every three years and Adult CPR expires every year

3. Proof  of abiannual DOT/CDE physical examination and medical card .